Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hong Kong Swagger

 OUTFIT OF THE DAY:  White Sleeveless Top - Petit Monde; Cotton Blazer - Only (Munich, Germany); White Shorts - Solo; Bangles - Max (Doha, Qatar); Watch - Guess; Belt - H&M; Necklace - my MOM's baul!
 I only have 295 HKD to spend so I decided to eat breakfast in a "swag" market.   
 I started my day with a 7 HKD spicy stir-fried noodles.  Yummeh!!!
 Cost cutting was fun!  Even though it took me an hour bus ride from TUNG CHUNG going to GIANT BUDDHA,  I enjoyed every single view on the road.

Xie xie!  I bought a 100 HKD polarized sunnies in the souvenir shop.  Lesson learned, I will always bring my sunnies with me everytime I travel.

 I've done this before.  I know I can do it! -Stair Climbing Marathon
The Buddha Pose:  I swear not to climb these steps again. Haha!

There are also big statues of worshipers around the Giant Buddha.

It is always easier to walk with gravity.
Inside the Ngong Ping Village, I found this swag booth where you can write your wish in a hexagon paper.  However, you need to buy a 150 HKD worth of items in the souvenir shop.  This time, cost cutting was not that fun.  I just wished deep inside my heart that someday my prince will come! SOONER! Haha!
 I took the cable car going back to TUNG CHUNG.  By the way, it took me 98 HKD for the bus fare (going) and the cable car fare (coming back).  Not bad for the cost cutting!
Just starting on my cable car ride!  Yeehah! 

 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Hong Kong City 
 If you want to burn those calories, I suggest you take this path.  Walk-a-ton instead of taking the cable car. 
 Long queue going to Ngong Ping Village.  Lots of tourists during the afternoon.  Its good that I left the hotel at 7 in the morning.  Just enough time to change my money to HKD, eat breakfast in the city and take the 1 hour bus ride going to Ngong Ping. 

 To end the day, I ate this delicious Pork Asado with rice in the "swag" market for only 18 HKD.
Now, It's official. 
Welcome to my travel blog!
Hope you follow me as I swag around the WORLD!

Jezee Gee

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