Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cochin, India

India is a big country where one place has a different culture from another.  In Bombay, they say that people are more modern when it comes to fashion and lifestyle but in the place where I've been, Cochin, it is completely different.  They are more traditional.....
Tuc Tuc - a tricycle which can carry 4 passengers.  We rode the Tuc Tuc going to Hill Palace, a historical museum about 15minutes away from our hotel.
The Driver.
The Passengers.

Going to Hill Palace.
Hill Palace's Entrance
Honestly, Hill Palace is the only place where you can take nice pictures of Cochin, however, inside the Palace, we were not allowed to take pictures anymore.  Kinda disappointing though.
Trying hard to take some pix of myself in the place.
We were supposed to take a pic with the donkey but these kids joined us trying to steal our "donkey moment".
My friends taking pictures in front of the Hill Palace.  But please take note of the woman on the right side.  She's wearing the traditional clothing in Cochin.
Me wearing my not-so-traditional-jumpsuit.  LESSON LEARNED:  research what's the traditional clothing in the place so people won't look at my legs in the street.
In short, Don't Cut Trees! lol
Posing with an officer.
I just want to share that inside this Ice Cream Parlour, I saw an ice cream stored in a box not in a can or plastic.  What can you say about that? 
Outside the Hill Palace while waiting for a Tuc Tuc.

From Cochin with Love,

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