Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fortunately, Unfortunate In London

Fortunately, I had a London Heathrow flight with a long layover.  Unfortunately, because of too many layover flights last month, I ran out of clothes that made me put all of it in the laundry few hours before my departure time.  Fortunately my clothes dried up easily.  Unfortunately, I forgot one of the most important piece of my clothing essentials - my jeans!
Fortunately, I had a glimpse of London Heathrow from outside the hotel.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see where that London Bridge fell down?! lol
Fortunately,  I can see the airport from my hotel's window.  Unfortunately, I can't go out from the hotel with my pajamas.  
Fortunately, there's a Starbucks cafe inside the hotel. Unfortunately,  I went there to buy my favorite White Chocolate Mocha with my pajamas on.
With the series of Fortunate and Unfortunate events that happened to me in Heathrow, I can say that FORTUNATE outstanded the UNFORTUNATE because even though I didn't had the chance to go to the city, I was, still, able to buy some souvenirs from the convenience store inside the hotel - fridge magnet and post card!  Oh well, I can still say that, "I was in London Heathrow, United Kingdom."

From UK with love,
Jezee Gee

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